High Performance Computing for All

High Performance Computing (HPC) is about using specialized computing hardware, thousands of computers in parallel, or storage or processing “in the cloud” to solve problems too complex for a single computer or network to address alone. It gets used to explore a lot of options in product design, solve genetic data problems, model complex systems like weather or discover new drugs. It can also be used by financial institutions to find profitable insights in trading data, or by manufacturers to optimize their supply chains.  It’s heady stuff and it turns out that St. Louis has a pretty vibrant community that has been a well kept secret, even amongst the entrepreneurs, students users, suppliers, and researchers in the field.

Gary Stiehr intends to change that.  With a day job helping researchers use HPC to solve problems like using a patient’s DNA to select the most optimal cancer treatment, he knew that a strong cluster of people like himself existed, but weren’t yet cooperating so that the outside world knew about them.  Gary started to bring together the people in his hometown that could learn from each other and support each other.  He saw that existing industry clusters in biotechnology, supply chains, advanced manufacturing, and financial services were already strong users of HPC, but the potential to grow the industry was virtually un-tapped.

With events like Big Data Meets High Performance Computing, is bringing the community together and providing a vision of St. Louis as a center of HPC research, hardware, software, innovation and education.  With the growing impact of data modeling and analysis, Gary’s effort might just be the kind of focus that helps a whole new industry flourish in St. Louis. Stay tuned for some ways Openly Disruptive and STLhpc will help connect High Performance Computing to what YOU are interested in.


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