Dan Reus

Dan Reus

Chief Instigator Dan Reus started Openly Disruptive after 15 years experience as a creative strategist helping startups, Fortune 100 firms and institutions innovate to connect with new and existing customers.

He noticed that the ideas that in hindsight would have had the greatest impact were often the ones most quickly abandoned. He saw that opportunity was being thrown away because there wasn’t a way to discuss it, test it and improve it at low risk. He saw why it’s so hard for organizations to innovate even when they knew they should.

Dan started Openly Disruptive as a place for exploring and testing “outside the box” ideas, for learning to collaborate, and for mashing-up ideas from different disciplines to experiment with.

He’s seen that the most successful firms over time develop a discipline around evolving without “betting the farm” on the latest fad. He believes that ideas themselves are of no real value unless an organization can objectively assess them at low risk for continuous experimentation. Like talent needing lifelong learning, he sees organizational success in terms of resiliency, assessing risk and adapting over time.

Dan is a dynamic presenter, facilitates richly-engaging workshops, consults with and coaches entrepreneurs, emerging talent, and senior executives, and creates events to help companies engage their stakeholders in participatory innovation.

Dan believes strongly that the future will be what we make it.

You can learn more about him on LinkedIn and Twitter. To see some of the people he spends time with, check out profiles of some of them he’s written for EQ STL.


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