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You’re Invited to be Disruptive

People practicing disruptive innovation need a supportive environment of people and ideas that they can explore. It can be hard to do this when you’re working 24/7 on your own disruptive world.

Disruptive Diner is an event for networking and idea exchange around a shared vision of the future. Whether it is nanotechnology, rethinking financial markets, or finding partners in a sustainable future, the Disruptive Diner is a place to meet and explore ideas with like-minded peers in an intimate and non-selling environment.

Each session features background information on the topic, PechaKucha-style presentations from three thought-leaders in the field, and high quality networking and discussion geared to helping you understand how it all relates to you and those you serve. It all happens over lunch, so you can inspired and get right back to whatever you’re dealing with today.

Upcoming sessions:

Events are held at Lab1500 in downtown St. Louis. If that’s not convenient for you, become a member and get live access the the Disruptive Diner via streaming media. We also provide an “event in a box” to Affiliate Members. These incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces to use the Disruptive Diner to build their own audiences with outreach materials, discussion guides and more.  Contact us for more information.

Prior sessions in St. Louis included:

  • Local Investment, Local WealthJoin investors, community development pros and entrepreneurs for a frank discussion on the perfect storm this presents, and how to put collective wealth to work for the benefit of all.
  • Surprisingly OpenWhether it’s selfless or selfish, the movement toward “open” benefits you in some surprising ways – whether you embrace it or not. Learn how this trend impacts you at Disruptive Diner – Surprisingly Open.
  • Cloudsourcing: Creative Projects in the 21st Century- Learn how to build your own distributed collaborations, or how others are using them to make your life better, richer and far more interesting.
  • The Resilient Organization- Successful organizations today foster a culture of always learning and evolving. Learn how the best look outward as a team, and how to empower an organization with data without overwhelming it.   
  • Nano Possibilities - Nanotechnology isn’t science fiction and it’s happening around you. Learn what’s happening from start-ups working in the space.
  • Profitably Sustainable Food - How can “locavores” succeed in transforming the food distribution system into something more sustainable? Learn how three thought-leaders see the opportunities in Profitably Sustainable Food.
  • Cloud Civics – Public data and digital tools are scaling civic service and governance – learn how citizens can drive better government services by creating them themselves.
  • Alternative Transactions – When we exchange money between buyer and seller, it moves through a complex system of intermediaries. Be part of a discussion on disrupting that system for the benefit of buyers, sellers and all of us.
  • Fans Take Charge – Whether its licensed fantasy sports leagues, fan fiction that becomes big business, or grassroots conventions, the boundary between property and audience is blurrier than ever before, and many opportunities are emerging.
  • 3D Printing Becomes Big Business – 3D printing has grown from a hobby to being poised to begin producing objects on-demand from previously unattainable materials using low cost machines. How can we use this virtualization of product innovation to serve the “long tail” of commerce, lower our use of resources, slash logistics costs, and change what it means to be a manufacturer or consumer?
  • Big Data for Everyone Else  – We looked at how big data variety, volume and velocity is helping maintenance crews respond faster, manufacturers make US operations more profitable, and communities improve health for all.
  • The Gist of GIS Over the last 10 years, we’ve gained the ability to precisely locate and navigate ourselves and lots of things are in relation to each other at any point in time. Whether it’s in research, business, or humanitarian work, this combination of technology, data and technique is having an impact on how we make sense of our world that you need to understand. Join us as we look at three ways to benefit from the convergence of geographic systems, data and opportunities.

If you’d like to know when registration begins, would be interested in presenting or know someone who should be in the audience for any of these talks please contact us here or email Dan Reus at dan@openlydisruptive.org.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved.


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